I was no one. Being programmer and writer aren’t something I dreamed before. Until college I dreamed of nothing. I think it has been just fine since I didn’t become choosy on the program I took on college. My father has told me that he wanted me as a civil engineer. It did also become my dream because it was my best friend’s dream too. My best friend is a math genius, and I am not. I prefer literature and he prefer algebra. I believe it is still his dream, but it was not already mine since the day I’ve realized that I cannot make fun of x and y. I ceased dreaming of being an engineer. On high school, when I can’t escape being asked about my dream, I just answered that I like to be a businessman even though it’s a lie. I finished high school without any goal in mind; I’m a man without direction.

I was a man who can’t finish anything and who hate responsibility. I was shy and did not have a lot of friends. I took Bachelor of Science in Information Technology on Quezon City Polytechnic University. The reason I took the program and the university was both arbitrary. I believed that taking particular course didn’t matter. I just need to finish schooling to have a diploma and to get job to earn living. I didn’t even bother searching for school; I just mimic my best friend’s choice. I’m not envy on those teenagers who have big dreams of graduating on prestigious school such as UP. We had taken the exam and we’ve both passed. My best friend took electronic engineering. I already gave up on engineering, so I choose IT since it was the only bachelor degree in the university that was neither engineering nor business-oriented. And I don’t want to lie on myself anymore. I got enrolled then everything was fine. Oh crap! I took a course that I didn’t know.

I was invisible. I was a student that no one even notice when his seat was blank. I have a subject named “introduction to computer programming: C/C++”. What the heck? What class I was attending at? What were C and C++? (You might not even know that, my classmates too) Was this really the course I have taken? Can I still back out? That was the questions running on my head that time. And then, the curiosity kicks in. I searched it in Google (which I have believed as a magical text box that can answers any question). I found relative tutorials on the internet. I printed it, since that time I still doesn’t have my laptop (and I didn’t also know that time that computer is a must on my course). I studied it, two or more times until I’ve finally understand it (although, that’s what I believe). And that’s the beginning of me being a programmer. I love to tell how mystical it was, but is a long and another story.

I am number one. I want to brag it, but it’s not true. I’m not the ace programmer. And I’m pretty sure that there are better programmers inside the campus. But what is life changing is the fact that, for the first time in my life, I have something to be proud of. Finally, I found happiness. I found something to love, something to do, and something to dream. Programming pushes me to read a lot of books. It’s one of the reasons why I’m always present at school (my campus crushes are the other reason). I’m in love with programming.

I am the man who will do what he loves. I believe I were already a writer long before I became programmer. I love literature as much as I love software. It is just that being programmer materialize first. It is programming that brings life to my real self.

I am invincible. From being no one, no direction, and invisible man, I become a programmer and a writer. The one who do not feared on doing something and handling responsibility. I also gained a lot of friends. I’m halfway my study and still have a long run before turning into Torvalds or Shakespeare’s par. But what I’ve learned in life is that the moment you believe on being someone, it becomes you.