What is the sole thing that can beat death? The answer is not money or wealth, but memories. Humans doesn’t really die upon the death of their body. Their body might deteriorate but the memories they left can last forever; the only way a man be considered dead is when he is forgotten.

Every man creates his own memories in all course of his life. It might be joyful or sorrowful, but what make memories so special is its potential to last forever. Even though, not all memories were immortal and no memories were created equal. There are memories so beautiful that it is impossible to be forgotten, and memories so bad people prefer to forgot it than to feel its pain. The value of a memory depends on how impacting it is on people. Also, the more people who shares the memory, the greater its value.

If we create memories, then where do it came from? It comes from experience; something like first kiss. It also comes from everything man interact like memories of family and friends. Memories also come from the things we produce. All kinds of art – and this literature you’re reading of course – have memories from their artist.

Memories are our own history. They are the proof of our existence and journal of our experience. If a tree does fall in the forest and nobody’s there to hear it, does it make sound? And if a man has been born but there are no one who remember him, does he exist? To live is to make memories. Bad histories were despised, while the good ones were celebrated.

To live forever is to leave memories to people around you that will exceed your lifetime. I believe no one wants to be remember painfully and that no one wants to be a character in a hated history. So don’t only make memories that will last forever, but also ones so unforgettable because it touches the lives of many in a way the sun lights the world. Be an artist, love your friends and family, and enjoy your life to the fullest – that way, you will live forever in the memories of many.